Pixhawk Telemetry

Hi all,
I’m a newbie in this subject.
I’m planning to build own UAV with Pixhawk.
I also want to use Mission Planner to control this UAV and receive information from UAV. But I don’t know how to do it. I saw that I can use 3DR radio set http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-3dr-radio-version-2/. But I live in Japan and this one seem not allowed in Japan.
I found that I can do this task by using Frsky telemetry(Frsky can buy and use in Japan), but I’m not sure how to do and what is the best FrSky telemetry for Pixhawk.
Could you please help me???

Here’s some info on telemetry with frsky receivers:
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … telemetry/

I need to connect 3 different telemetry handlers to the PixHawk:

  1. 3DR TX and RX
  2. Minim OSD
  3. Frsky Telemetry using a Teensy between the Taranis Sbus and the PixHawk.

Can I connect the Minim OSD and the Teensy to Telem 2 using the 5V, gnd, the Tx outputs from the PixHawk?

I plan on connecting the 3DR to 5V, gnd, Tx, and Rx outputs of Telem 1

No, do not use the pixhawk 5v power. If you use that, you will have to unplug the osd every time you use a usb to connect to mission planner when connecting in terminal to download the logs. Maybe this is a bug in MP, or a bug in the firmware, or I am missing something…

but if you use a BEC there are no issues.

Thanks craigdf. I will use an external filtered 5V supply. Can I use the telem 2 port TX, RX, and gnd for data just like telem 1?

I have my OSD plugged into the telem 1 port, and my telemetry is plugged into the telem 2 port.

Thanks craigdf. I feel serf not having all 3 telemetry systems plugged into one outlet.

You might find this relevant
droneshop.biz/taranis-mavlin … apter.html

[quote=“govsux”]You might find this relevant
droneshop.biz/taranis-mavlin … apter.html[/quote]

Thanks…have one and up and running