Pixhawk stopped working FMU power & B/E led off

Dear Friends, My pixhawk suddenly stopped working . The FMU power and b/e led are completely off, please guide can this problem may solve, if yes than please guide. Please see below image of pixhawk.

Hi @ypsonar,

Suddenly means what ? Can you explain it a bit ?

Did you connect any new sensor ?
Have you checked all the connection +ve and -ve ?
Have you changed any wire of the connector ?

Dear Madhu ji, Actually I am trying to upload image of my pixhawk, but not uploading from system.
Well, the led light of FMU power and b/e now are off, and IO pwr, b/e, act led are blinking properly.
FMU power and b/e lights are off.
And now pixhawk not generating FMU starting sound, and not connecting with mission planner, this happen from FMU led going off . . . Uploading…

Suddenly means I have to say that pixhawk stopped working in running conditions

Plz see image of pixhawk , I updated .

Have checked normal firmware upgrade from mission planner (from install firmware section ) ? Is that also not working ?

Yes checked now, fresh firmware not going install. Board not detected by mission planner, if I manually selected pixhawk whatever in scanning shows errors : no Response from board and error uploding firmware . . . . Plz reply . . . How we can try to resolve this problem

If at least mission planner detects usb and firmware is not upgrading into then the problem might be with the boot loader. I am not sure of that.

If it is detecting usb port, check with QGround Control also once. Other than that I also don’t have any idea.

Try to remove all wires from your pixhawk in case it is just a dead sensor that shortcut everything.

About the suddent stop, what where you doing ? I see a plastic box on your picture, are you using it in a boat ? Did you had water on the board or use it in hight humidity environement ?

You are right that qgroundcontrol is more simple to connect with usb or any link.
Unfortunately no luck . . . Pixhawk not detected.

A good discussion is available with following link

I think this is hardware problem of pixhawk.

. . . . Thanks

Sir thanks for your inputs . . . . Sir I am trying to make VTOL, all numbers of electronic components are fitted in that plastic box.
Well, sir I tried to make connection by removing all external components but no luck .
I think this is hardware problem of pixhawk