Pixhawk Shutdown without reason

The Pixhawk cuts itself when I navigate manually, without any apparent reason, even at low speed. Then some seconds after it restarts.
The problem occurs outdoors on the lake with the GPS but also indoors at the office so motionless boat and no GPS.
Link for download 2 log https://we.tl/t-B9b6qWp967 , log done to the office, the end of the log corresponds to the extinction of the Pixhawk.
Has anyone had this problem before?

Thank you
Best regards


Hi Ludovic,

Haven’t read your log since I do not have MP at hand right now.

Had the same issue in the past thought, and it very much sounds like a power related issue that causes a brownout and a pixhawk reset.

Check your power supply to the board, the BEC, the power adapter, carrier board, consumption of big servos that should be powered separately etc, that has a chance to do the trick.

Good luck !


Hi Mathieu,
I check power supply and BEC, but it’s not the problem.
I change my ESC and it’s good, but now I’m losing speed on my boat!