Pixhawk shows no readings from TF Mini once PRX_TYPE is set to 4


I have Arducopter 4.0.4 RC3 firmware on a Pixhawk cube for testing obstacle avoidance with TFMini . I set all the parameters and the readings are fine as long as PRX_TYPE is 0. When the PRX_TPYE is set to 4 the Pixhawk show the proximity sensor values as zero. Any suggestions?


Good day, your rangefinder can work as altimeter or landing sensor.
If you are looking for something simple you can find topics about a poc with Arduino and tf mini as an obstacle avoidance.
If you want an advanced system… you can look for the teraranger tower with evo 60m sensors or evo 600

I get the same problem. PRX_TYPE make a problem. When it enable, LIDAR doesn’t work.

I make an issue here:

And does not answer actually.


Hi, In my case, the sonarrange values go to zero when PRX_TYPE is activated. But when I open the Proximity window(CTRL F and Proximity) it shows the obstacles detected.