Pixhawk setup

Requesting assistance regarding the Pixhawk FC.

I have installed it on a DJI S800 frame, which has the upgraded arm as well as the anti-vibration kit. Below are the steps I have completed;
1.) Compass calibration
2.) Accelerometer calibration
3.) Radio calibration
3.) ESC calibration
4.) All flight modes set to stabilize
5.) Parms set to beginner from menu drop down list
6.) MP is currently 1.3.5
7.) FW installed on Pixhawk via MP is 3.1.2

With the props off the motors, system is armed, motors started and spinning at idle. As throttle is applied, the artificial horizon in MP begins to show the rig ascending and rolling to the left. The only stick movement has been increase of throttle. As power is applied, the roll continues to the left, and when the right stick on the radio is applied to correct, nothing changes and the rig eventually ends up on its head, crashed and disarmed message.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Log files attached

Did you do a compassmot procedure?
As you increase throttle, current increases in the battery leads , wires, ESCs, etc and this generates electromagnetic disturbances that will impact your magnetometer.
Also be aware that there is still a bug with Pixhawk and compassmot procedure in the current stable release.

Two issues were identified.

1.) The wire between FC and GPS was 5x6 and needed to be 6x6. Wire was replaced with correct 6x6 wire and issue remained.

2.) Pixhawk FC was replaced, configured, and F’ng FLEW!!! HELL YYYYEEESSSSS!!!

Big kudos to JC in Berkeley!