Pixhawk RTL and FBWA

Hi Tridge,
I’m wondering, did you check out the latest FW on the Pixhawk in modes FBWA and RTL. I just installed my PH and all is calibrated and functional except FBW and RTL. I can’t seem to get any of the auto programs to run. In manual things are normal but in FBWA the servos move to neutral and stay there in spite of plane movement.

Hello Tridge,
Although I think this still deserves a look, it is “solved” for me at the moment.

What I did… Long ago, on my APM journey, I had a similar “unsolvable” problem. No matter how many times I erased and reset/re-loaded FW, I couldn’t get the APM to work correctly. In desparation, I loaded a different platform, in my case, a helicopter. Then I re-loaded the plane FW. What do you know, all worked. Don’t ask me why, I haven’t a clue but if someone else is stuck, try this trick. It has worked for me twice.

I will call this “solved” even though the cause is unknown and the fix is mysterious. :open_mouth: