Pixhawk RTK GPS



Hi .he constructed a caterpilar vehicle is it possible to Control it usiNg gps rtg an accuracy of 4 cm.i thing that i would Drive the remote Control first and at that my path would be recorded Whith i followed

What exactly are you meaning with GPS RTG?

Would you like to say RTK? If so, I think it is only theoretical possible… but most probably you won’t achieve this… Close to the ground, I would say that 2 meters would be a great accuracy for you.

This past year I have been mowing 15+ acres weekly with a GPS/RTK autonomous mower. It routinely holds straight tracks under 0.1 meters, typically +/- 0.04 meters. It’s possible, but be prepared to spend a bunch of time tuning the Flight Controller. Good luck!

@Swebre I’ve been always curious about how to measure this accuracy? Could you share this with us please?

During a mission, pull up the tuning graph feature in MP and have it graph the instantaneous “Xtrack Error” curve while running. Very handy feature when tuning.

Ah ok, you’re talking about desired x actual performance of navigation PID right?

I was thinking about GPS accuracy (that’s what comes to my mind when seeing someone looking for a RTK). But nice to know! With rovers, it should be hard to achieve this kind of navigational precision! Well done tune!