Pixhawk rover vs Mission planner

Good evening. I need help, I am a beginner in this direction. The car will have a motor as shown below in the picture, you need to connect it to the pixhawk and set it to 2 functions, down and up, when at the beginning of laying the route from point 1, the motor goes down and holds it like that until point 2, at the point it rises, the car turns around and the motor lowers to reach points 3 and so on all points. Is it possible to do this using the Pixhawk module in the Mission Planner program

Make another attempt at describing what you have and what you are trying to do. I have no idea what you are asking.


I need the servo-moto to raise and lower automatically or by force after adjustment. For example, in the Mission Planner program for the rover, I marked several lines with numbers from 1-10 along which the car should go, now I need to set it up so that when the movement starts, this servo goes down until it reaches point 2 by exactly 2 when turning, it is necessary raise the motor so that the car is on the 2nd line and again lower the motor down and so constantly to the end point. The question is, is it possible to set it up automatically or will the position of the servo radius change when pressed?

You are still not clear but you can use a DO_SET_SERVO command to activate a servo during a Mission.

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I can’t explain otherwise, the car is not ready yet, only such an idea. I wonder if it is simple or separate when and where you need to change the position of the servo if it is connected to the pixhawk and the control is in the mission planner program

How to connect this Sabertooth engine driver to connect Pixhawk 2.4.8 to use in autopilot mode in the Mission Planner program?
I am a beginner in this and therefore do not know what and how it is used.

Well then, start where all beginners should with published documentation:
Sabertooth 2x12
Rover Setup

Get as far as you can and then if you have a specific problem create a new Post.