Pixhawk Reset

Does any one know if there is a reset button on the Pixhawk to start from scratch? I am having issues and just want to start over. My hex is failing to pre arm. It says bad ahrs and cant get it cured…Any help would be greatly appreciated.



The easiest way to do this is upload the firmware of another vehicle type. So upload the Rover firmware, that will erase everything on the Pixhawk. Then put your Copter firmware back on. Again that will erase everything and you are good to go.

Thanks, Grant.


That same’ve read a lot of times. This week I did so but with arduplane and having disarmed the security button just updated and it was armed alone and I bolted for me. Since then that process stopped being good idea … I know I should have taken the propellers but …Only a broken propeller…

I read that setting the default values in the Mission Planner and then upgrading would be the same. Correct me that you know more than me.

Ok Great! Thanks Grant…

I will give this a whirl…


Yes, simply using the parameter reset button in the Full Parameter List should accomplish the same thing, in a safer way. I use it quite often, and never found it to not work.