Pixhawk rebooted in mid air


Hello guys. Experience earlier our fixedwing suddenly rebooted in midair. Problem is safe switch is enable.

I wanted to know the reason why is restarted.

Dont mind the compass error and voltage inconsistent. It fly normally even with the warnings.

you forgot to share the log with those with the link, but while admitting to being experienced at ignoring warnings about voltage & compass … is a crash now and then really undesired by you ? :slight_smile:

Sorry my mistake. Its open for sharing now. Thanks man

The voltage input of pixhawk is 4.1v to 5,7V - (ideally 5v)
you are feeding it 5,6v , the highest record for your flight is 5.656v , there are some peaks…
At anything above 5v7 , the internal power management will disconnect power (to protect the finer linear regulation) - From what I see, You have way too high voltage, and most likely do not provide redundant power to the Pixhawk (or provide equally high , or higher backup power)

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Thanks man, il replace the power module 1st and put redundancy.

Big help.