Pixhawk randomly reversing channels

Hi guys. just a few weeks ago got my first pixhawk and have been setting it up. today I did some real flying for the first time. flew fine for like 10 min and all of a sudden the aileron and elevator channels were reversed. i quick flipped it into loiter and then nursed it to the ground. I few a plane for a bit and than came back and flew it. now the yaw drifts to the left and it continues to have reversing problems. It even reversed to the extent that my elevator channel was controlling the aileron channel then went back at random. it does seem that things happen most of the time when I switch from stable to althold to loiter which is all i am using at the moment on my 3pos switch. so moral of the story is it just randomly switches channels and reversing on me.

I havent put much stock into anti vibration stuff for the controller. if the vibration is to bad could it make this happen?
thanks for the input.

Need to upload the .log or .bin file from the flight.

Hi swizle9,

Yes, please post your dataflash logs, here is how to download them:
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/downlo … n-planner/

Here are the two that I think are for the two flights I had a problem

I have one log that I am sure has the poblem on it but it is larger than 2MB so not sure how I can post it

thanks allot guys

You can use 7-zip to compress it or put it in Google Drive and provide a link to it.

here is a .bin file where im sure it happened towards the end. the link is to google docs

drive.google.com/file/d/0B7dL5d … sp=sharing

well I figured it out if anyone is curious. my tx had a switch set up to turn on/off super simple mode that I had forgotten about and it was also right next to my 3pos switch for flight modes. I accidentally turned it on the last time I flew and didn’t know it. How I realized it was 1 it would correct itself when I disarmed the motors 2 it would change when I walked around after take off. So if anyone every freaks out wile flying cuz the quad starts going in different directions that is the reason.

I was just about to write this. Good you figured it out yourself. Its a good thing to mark your switches and to practice what you havet set them to. I got a fly away when I was waiting for it to return after loosing videon on the FPV goggles after turning the wrong switch but it never came back. Luckily ended well but it drifted away one and a half kilometer and was at highest 570 meters hight! :astonished: