Pixhawk randomly crashes and requires reboot

My boat suddenly lost telemetry signal (happened on land after being in the water) I restarted the Pixhawk and noticed the M8N GPS module didn’t turn on (no sound).
I/O BE led on Pixhawk was red. I tried restarting Pixhawk countless time without succeeding. The problem went away on its own after some waiting.

EDIT: I thought it was the GPS, but the GPS was working fine when I connected it to a different Pixhawk.

EDIT: Had the same issue today Problem went away after the first reboot. This is really worrying because Pixhawk requires manual reboot when this happens, and if the boat is already in the water I have no way to do a manual reboot.

Interesting. Lately I have had to unplug and plug in my CAN gps to get it to work correctly. Not sure if the unit is defective, I changed a setting inadvertently or if it was from moving to 4.1.5
I am still in the bench test modes and autonomous driving could be years away :wink:

I opened the GPS and there’s no sign of water damage. If this had happened on water, I would have had no way to retrieve the boat. GPS was working fine when testing it on a different Pixhawk

It happened to me again, this time I wasn’t even in the water. Its not a GPS issue, I wonder what is causing this, a defect Pixhawk or maybe some bug in the ArduPilot software. I don’t know if this is related to my issue, but lately, I keep getting the “gyros not calibrated” when arming after almost every restart

Which Pixhawk is it? The Gyros not calibrated will happen if the boat is moving around during pre-arm checks.

Its pixhawk 4. All crashes are random.

Looks like its not able to get a good gyro calibration because the boat is moving. Do you see red and blue flashing lights on the GPS module during bootup. How long do those stay on? That is the period during which gyro calibration is being attempted.

The red and blue lights on the gps flashes for about 1-1.5 seconds during boot. The crashes happens randomly after boot. Could be 30 minutes-1 hour or more.

What devices are you powering from the Pixhawk?

Only a gps. I have a herelink connected but it gets power from a pdb