PixHawk Quad Setup Issue

I have a PixHawk Mini that I’m trying to setup in a quad but am having problems with motor control. When I advance the throttle the motors surge and oscillate really bad. I’ve flown this quad with the same motors and speed controls but with a CC3D board so I know they all work properly. Any ideas what I should check?

That type of testing is useless. If the motors spin in the proper directions and in the proper order using Mission Planner > Initial Setup > Optional Hardware > Motor Test, then go fly it. The issue is when you arm the motors using the radio the PID controller algorithms are active so the FC is trying to do its thing but it can’t because you are restraining the aircraft. The same thing happens when you test this way with the props off.

When you use Motor Test, the FC is in a pass through mode that does not enable the PID controllers so the motors run smooth.

Also, make sure you have calibrated the ESCs (Mission Planner > Initial Setup > ESC Calibration) using the appropriate BLHeli protocol (OneShot, DShot, or what ever).

One important note: When you run Motor Test, the test order does not follow the motor layout numbering. Motor test assigns A to the right front, B to the right rear, C to the left rear and D to the left front…