Pixhawk Quad Falling Out of Sky

Hello Everyone,

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me, I’m having a very strange issue with my Pixhawk. Less than 5 minutes after takeoff, while in auto-level mode one of the motors turns off and the quad flips and falls to the ground. I have used this pixhawk for some time and it always worked great, but a few days ago it started doing this and now it does it consistently on every single flight. I first changed the speed controller but the problem kept happening. After inspecting the logs, I see that the Pixhawk is actually lowering the throttle of that motor for no apparent reason (Channel 1), and then the quad flips even though the desired roll and pitch are 0. I read the wiki article on diagnosing using logs but I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong. The log does not show any error before the flip, or anything wrong. I uploaded the latest version of the firmware and reconfigured everything, and the problem keeps happening. Please help! The log is attached. Thank you!

The copter pitched back and rolled left. That’s motor 2 that failed - the one that shot to maximum.

This is a powerplant failure - wiring issue, ESC sync issue, motor failure, prop adapter or prop failure.

Thank you, that makes sense, I hadn’t noticed that. Another question, what is an ESC sync issue?

Well, certain ESCs can lose sync on extremely sudden, large changes in throttle, particularly with low KV motors. When this happens, copters flip.