Pixhawk prearranged problems

Using mission planner I have gone through the full setup procedure without any problems noted.However when trying to arm the quad I receive a prearm check firmware or frame_class error.After a bit of research I realised I must go to mandatory settings/frame type to select the type of quad.However when in the frame type area I can view the various frame types but won’t allow me to select or change anything in this window.Can somebody advise me what I am doing wrong please.

You can also go to the full parmater list and search for frame_. You sould see type and class (if memory serves). Then just select the number that matches your frame and write the parameters.

Hi David.Thanks for your reply.I checked that and found nothing relating to frame.

Update your mission planner to 1.3.52 or newer.
Update your firmware to ArduCopter 3.5.5

I took your advice and updated the mission planner to a later version.Couldn’t update to the latest version as it wouldn’t run on my old laptop.Problem solved and test flown in the back yard.Thanks very much for the advice.