Pixhawk Pre-heating

Is always been suggested that its best to preheat the Pixhawk 2.1 before flight.Some people have said they do this using a power bank. How can I do this without the beeper going off after a few seconds.


David Ardis

There is no beeper that beep every few seconds.
Maybe you have some annoying ESC s ?

Just disconnect your battery from the PM ,and power the cube with USB. If you want to use battery to pre-heat , disconnect the PM from PDB. either way ESC’s will not complain.

If you are referring to GPS soft beeping , that I just ignore…not sure if it’s correct though.

Got the problem sorted. I changed the power bank and used by bench power supply and it works fine. Don’t think the power bank was outputting the correct voltage.

It would be nice if there was a visual indication when the pixhawk reached temperature