PixHawk Power Problem

I recently bought my first pixhawk and I’m having a power problem. I fried two sets of wires trying to power it from the power module (instant smoke). The right-most ground wire (pin 6) somehow shorts. It still starts up fine when powered from micro USB. The battery is good at 12 V, outputs from the battery power module look fine (5.4, 5.4, -, -, 0, 0), and the grounds between module and battery are good. Today I was able to power up the PixHawk using a power supply to the pixhawk power pins 6/5 & 2/1. It started up with no issues (pulling 0.2 A). The pixhawk is rated up to 5.7 V. Any suggestions as to why I’m having issues from the battery power module?

If the version you have uses the DF connectors, look at the where the insulated wires go into the connector VERY carefully. If the metal parts are pulled out, even slightly, they can short together. I had this happen after a crash with the GPS. New cable, and it worked fine (or push the existing metal parts back into the soft white plastic).