PixHawk placement for compass

I have a question. I am using a Pixhawk Cube on my VTOL plain everything is working as it should. I’m using the HERE2 GPS Compass unit. My cube is installed arrow facing the back of the plane not to the front this was done because of cable placement. I have deactivated internal compass and only unis compass 1 external mount in mission planner. On the old mission planner you could indicate what orientation your internal compass was this way you could use the external and internal compass. I see now that you can only set orientation for external compass no longer internal. the problem with this is if you activate internal compass you cannot do compass calibration because internal compass is 180deg out from external. This makes it that you cannot use internal as fail over for external compass. I had this problem over the week now where I had used a saved setup and forgot to deactivate on board compass in mission planner and when I launched I compass failure and the plane almost crashed. Any one have an idea of how to tell the internal compass that it is 180 deg YAW.

Hi, I have also Pixhawk 2.1 and Here2 GPS, and the board is oriented back as yours. I just set this parameter AHRS_ORIENTATION=4 and all system is working right in all flight modes. Of course I made a compass calibration with this setup.-

HI there. thanks very much did that problem solved thanks.