Pixhawk Pitch PID tuning

Hi All,

I’ve been having quite a difficult time with tuning my Tarot t960 with Pixhawk.
I’ve had the system flying fairly well and doing missions, but I can’t get the rapid oscillation out of the pitch access, roll is fine. The CG is set perfectly and there is little to no vibration coming from the motors & props. I have the main flight pack (6s 22000mAh) strapped to the bottom and pushed slightly back to accommodate the brushless gimbal holding the Sony NEX5 in front of the battery. So I know there is more weight distributed on the forward and back portion of the hex than the roll so I’ve been trying to adjust my PIDs accordingly.

Here is my issue. I started out with the Roll and Pitch (stabilize) PIDs the same, Roll is rock solid. Than I’ve been adjusting the ‘P’ and the ‘I’ down on the Pitch to reduce the oscillation. As I was adjusting bit by bit the oscillation was slowly going away, until gone. Than I recharged the battery to test it, but after the charge the oscillations returned. I then tried to return the PIDs to where they were originally in order to try something new, but the PIDs will not raise.
I think it has something to do with the battery voltage.
Can’t add Screen shot files.

What on Earth am I doing wrong? Please help. (time sensitive)
I have 21 screen shots in total. But I couldn’t seem to load them.