Pixhawk output reverse problem


Didn’t find answer by google so decided to register here.

Problem is that my plane needs to reverse the rudder and ailerons.

I know that I could reverse the channels from my radio but I’m worried that the stabilisation won’t work with that.

Well I have tried to reverse the channels from radio config, from basic, advanced and full parameter list. It saves the new settigns like champion but it won’t reverse the servos.

Any idea how i should proceed? I have tried to solve this for hours by myself but I have gotten no where. Thanks


Thank you for the link. It seems like i have succesfully avoided that topic even if i tried to look for it. Now the control surfaces seems to work right. I actually had to reverse all the channels (exept throtle)

Thank you very much and sorry for the stupid question. And remember there are no such thing as a stupid question. There are only stupid people asking questions.