Pixhawk output rail does not give any output

Hi all,
i hve a problem with the signal for my output…
i try to measure the ch1’s voltage using multimeter where i assign my aileron but sadly no incoming signal going out(should be 5V appear). i have try to put servo and put some power to the servo power rail and also cannot trigger the signal for the servo.

any suggestion and solution due to my problem here?

Plz helpp :slight_smile:

anyone have same problem with me??

Press the Safety-Switch?

done… it indicate red color

i’m experiencing the same problem, have you found the solution?

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There are a large number of possible causes. Could you please provide more details?
0) What firmware, GCS software, and hardware versions are you using?

  1. What things are connected to the PixHawk? How are they connected? (Pictures are great, if they’re clean)
  2. What steps do you take to produce the problem?
  3. What tests have you done to show that the issue is with the PixHawk? (Not a faulty servo, bad TX/RX, etc)
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For my case, already solved…
just need to change he brd_count…
then you can use the others output rails :slight_smile: