Pixhawk only works in manual mode

This has been working fine – not sure why it no longer works in stabilize, FBWA, etc. The main LED is solid green. I hear the “startup successful” tones. In Mission Planner, I can see in the HUD as I switch modes, but when go to stabilize or FWBA, the servos aren’t moving the control surfaces as I tilt the plane. I don’t see any errors in the HUD and I can’t find any helpful message in the telemetry logs. The plane flies fine in manual and I get telemetry.

Anyone know how to debug this?

Skywalker 2014, w/ Pixhawk, 3dr GPS/compass, airspd sensor, 3dr radios, 2.78b firmware.

Posting .log would help.

I differenced log files and found the RC_MIN/MAX parameters were reset to unusable values. That is, the radio calibration was “lost”. I now remember seeing this as a problem in the “Troubleshooting guide” topic: “no servo output, except in Manual mode”. I had visited the radio cal dialog in MP, but thought it was working fine since I saw movement when I moved sticks/switches – that wasn’t enough; should have actually re-done the calibration. I have now; everything seems to be working again.

Anybody know WHY the radio calibration would get reset? I can’t imagine what I could have done to have caused that. I had not visited the dialog in MP, nor had I manually changed or reloaded any parameters settings.