Pixhawk only logs first, maybe second flight

Hi Folks - I’m in the midst of testing my quad and while it seems to be running great, there are some glitches that I really need the logs to investigate. Unfortunately both times Iv’e gone for the logs, only one or two are there. This is with a 4GB Kingston Class 4 microSD card. I have tried formatting it and returning the logs back to the drive (along with the “index” file).

Logs are nowhere near filling the SD card.

At one point I had a pre-arm error relating to SD logging, but I can’t find it now and don’t recall what it was specifically.

Yesterday I had half a dozen lands/re-arms, however only two logs. The second one would error out on load in MP (corrupt). Then today I made 6 or 7 lands/re-arms, and only one log, the first one. In the latest case, perhaps they are all combined into this one file? Sorry I have a hard time making heads or tails of these logs. Here is the log:


Thanks for any info or suggestions. FYI the “crash” footage is in the same directory at the 0:16 mark. No damage, just a sudden dive into the ground while in Stab. mode.


If you don’t power the vehicle off, you will only have as many logs as batteries used (or reboots I believe).

Oh well in that case I’m totally misinformed - I thought it was every arm!

Like @BigTulsa said, the log only changes on boot. There is a PR for adding the possibility of closing the log in every disarm (and starting a new one, immediately, if you have LOG_DISARMED turned on, or in the next arm if you don’t).