Pixhawk on a tricopter

Trying to set a tricoptor up with a pixhawk after 4 days still not getting it off the ground has any one a step by step guide, ive googled to try and get a solution but no joy.

It is spinning on its skids when trying to take off yawing to the right  , I have tryed different firmware but no joy. I have reversed front right motor which has made it slightly better. I have firmware ver 3.2.1 y6a installed with 3 motor setup servo 1  pluged into channel 1  motor 2 plugged into channel  2 tail motor  pluged into channel 4 and tail servo into channel 7 I have reversed tail servo in software the only thing I went off track with is aileron channel was working in the oposite direction so I revesed it in the radio. all other channels are not reversed.

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

y6a is for a Y6 configuration (hexacopter with 3 arms, i.e. two motors on each arm and no tail servo). If you have a normal tricopter (one motor on each arm plus tailservo), you might wanna try the tricopter firmware.