Pixhawk on 600 first setup

Thought I would post some pictures on the progress on the 600 I am currently building.
I am still waiting for some aftermarket turnbuckles and ball links I ordered to be delivered, and will then start to setup my servos and swashplate.
I have also included a screen shot from my vibration analysis while running the drivetrain up to 75% throttle.
Next step is to fit the tail blades and run an analysis. Then the head. Then the main blades. I think that will be the best way to id any sources of vibrations.
As I said, this is my first try, so any comments, concerns and input from you guys are welcome please.

Seems like a nice setup, have you flown it yet?


Thanks Mate

Have not flown here yet. Taking my time putting it together. Currently changing out the HK gear train with ALIGN gears.

Good call on the gears. :wink:

Did you get your 600 flying yet?