Pixhawk not working and heating

We are building a drone using a 2.4.8 version pixhawk. We were doing test flights today, and suddenly the power supply to the pixhawk got disconnected. While checking we noticed that the +ve and -ve of the power module got shot. Then while connecting the pixhawk through USB, there is no power supply, but the pixhawk gets heated in the 2 places as mentioned in the picture. And there is no sign of burn or damage inside the pixhawk. What to do? Is this repairable?

It’s a good opportunity to replace that generic Flight Controller with a quality branded one.

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Actually, it is a branded one. Can you explain about this issue?

That could be worse actually if it’s a Radiolink version. There are no other “branded” 2.4.8’s that I know of just generic versions from the typical resellers.

I would say it’s toast and to replace it.

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Can you suggest any other brands to buy pixhawk?

Pixhawk is not a brand. It is a hardware standard whose name has been poached for marketing reasons, and we should honestly simply stop referring to almost anything as a “Pixhawk,” since the term has been so poorly appropriated.

“Flight controller” or “autopilot” are much better, generic terms for the hardware in question.

See here for supported options:

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