Pixhawk not signalling ESC's correctly on motors 5 & 6?

I am in the test stages of a newly assembled Sky Hero Y6. Each ESC was calibrated and motors tested before connecting to Pixhawk. All seemed fine.

NOTE: Pixhawk firmware was reinstalled, and Y6 configuration confirmed.

Upon final assembly and testing motor operation, I noticed motors 5 & 6 were not spinning up properly, acting like a sync problem. Motor #5 spins but not the same as #'s 1-4, and #6 motor does not spin at all.

I then did all-at-once ESC calibration thinking they may have been overlooked. No change.

Next I calibrated each ESC independently again. The motors seem fine and spin up properly until reconnecting to Pixhawk.

I should note one or both ESC’s (motors 5 and 6) beep continuously (one beep every few seconds) after arming the copter.

As this is my third multicopter build using Pixhawk FC (genuine article) I’ve never run into an issue like this.

Thanks for your help.

Motors and ESC’s used:
KDE 2814XF-515
Maytech Slim/Tube 40A OPTO ESC w/SimonK

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Update: I pulled the suspect motors and did an insulation test. One motor looks to be bad.

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