Pixhawk not disarming after landing


I’ve just noticed that after landing the Pixhawk stays armed so if I excellently flick the motor interlock switch the motor start to spool up.

what could be the issue?

Thank you very much

I don’t really understand. You landed your copter and it’s still armed, then you toggle the motor interlock. Then the motors started to spin???

Or you mean you are armed, but the motors does not spin? the you flick the motor interlock and they start to spin? Or what?

Also, give us a bin log of the flight. It is very hard to visualize what happened without one.

You can do it your self.

Yes, Iv’e landed and the copter is still armed, I can toggle the motor interlock and it will spin again without the need to arm the Pixhawk.

the log file is in the attached link.

Thank you very much for your help.