Pixhawk not binding to spektrum dx8e in mission planner or Qground control Throttle below failsafe

Basically my pixhawk and speckktrum radio do not communicate in mission planner or q ground control
if i try and calibrate the radio, it simply gives me a 1500-1502 value nothing more or less.
Pixhawk Spektrum ar8010t not binding in mission planner to Dx8e
I recently got into a person hobby of making drones do things. I had a parrot AR drone working fine with a raspberry pi but i wanted to make my own due to being able to add anything to one. I have posted a picture of what is going on with my drone in mission planner and the wiring of the drone. I have tried to wire the dsmx reciever to the pixhawk but i only get gray bars and no green. when i xonnect to the Ar8010t traditional reciever it gives me what shows in the picture. I am a newb and by no means a seasoned pro, I am just the first one at my university to want to get into drones and none of the teachers have a clue how to help me. I have programmed mission planner in python too using stml so it is just getting the hardware to work.https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wZES6pKk8EIMkwK3K1-QdNunNNioqdIx