Pixhawk not arming with GYRO 1 SELFTEST FAILED

I ordered same l3g gyro (4mm x 4mm one)as used in pixhawk however markinng is different on the chip.
On the original pixhawk, it has AGD2 250S is written vs my hardware has AGD8 204(0? Or D?) marked as shown in below picture.

I found solution for this. my mistake


Can you please tell us your solution. I purchased two PX4pilot’s from HobbyKing and I have been getting “Bad AHRS” warning when the pixhawk boots up. The warnings calm down after GPS lock. I also get the same warning during missions but they also seem to correct them selves.

I have just checked the Gyro chip and mine are marked with “AGD2 2333 JN3EB” does anyone have any idea if this is correct?