Pixhawk no log files or folder

Full_Param_List_for_Test.param (10.4 KB)

I just attached the file so you should be able to open it…let me know if you have any issues with that.

What firmware is this? You have posted in Plane 3.8, is that what it is?

Well I just want to have the pixhawk on its own for the test…not configured as a plane, copter, rover, or anything else. So I’m not sure what to select for the “Install Firmware”, and I’m not sure why it is set as Plane 3.8. I didn’t do anything myself to set it in that mode.
Also, when I go to the “install Firmware” page I don’t actually see a Plane 3.8 option. All of the options are “4.0.(something)” versions…this might be relevant?

On it’s own? It needs a vehicle target. So if it doesn’t matter select the Copter 4.0.7 Official and flash that. Then because you have a bunch of junk in the current firmware go to the Full Parameter List and hit the Reset To Default button. I would reformat an Sd card and use that.

You should have created a new post rather than post in this old thread that is for Plane 3.8.