Pixhawk must be centered?


I’m rebuilding my quad on a new tarot 650 frame so I can get a bit of extra space for experimenting with different boards,components,etc. The 650 frame has big center plates which is great,but my question is must the pixhawk be dead centre, or can I offset it towards an edge of the centre plate so I get more space for other things? Will it get very upset? I assume that the pitch or roll will be greater on one side than the other if it’s not centered?

It mostly won’t care.

All it does is cause translatory movement of the pixhawk when the copter rotates. At some extreme, this will end up causing an issue with coupling between angle control and position control (so will mounting a GPS on an extraordinarily tall mast).

Ideally, the pixhawk and GPS would be mounted at the center of gravity or we would have parameters to input the offset from CG for the flight controller and GPS.

Cheers for the reply. What are the potential consequences and a rough idea of risk, in laymens terms? Would it mean for instance that it would crary more risk of not responding correctly in say heavy wind conditions?