Pixhawk moves all over when I Yaw in loiter

If I am in loiter mode it holds rock steady, however as soon as I feed in any yaw it starts to move to the opposite side mostly and will circle a little before it regains composure.

Come to think of it it is never that steady when I Yaw, and even in stabilize or alt hold I have to give it a ton of corection when I try to yaw. Maybe this is a result of being too overpowered and over propped? It otherwise flies very stable.

Pixhawk using the latest stable
4830 Turnigy Motors spinning 17" props
Hobbywing Platinum Pro ESC’s
2.8KG AUW.

Please post a log file

These two should both show the problem, but I am travelling now so I can’t get one that only shows it. If this isn’t enough I will film it hapenning in a short flight and post that log maybe this weekend.

Also in log 6 you can see where it starts to oscillate a TON in pitch when I try to descend i loiter, what gives there?