Pixhawk Mission Planning

I have a pixhawk setup in an airplane and would like to set waypoints and fly missions. I have mission planner installed on a laptop, but at the field I do not have an internet connection, thus I can’t get a satellite view the flying field. I have an iPhone 6 and can download Mav Pilot which I believe would allow me to plan missions, but what do I need to add to the pixhawk in order to establish either a wifi or bluetooth connection to the iPhone. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe the pixhawk has built-in wifi or bluetooth. Mission planning is new to me and I could use some help in getting things setup.



You can prefetch satellite data in the Mission Planner, then you won’t need to access the Internet at field.

More info here:


Or, if your iPhone is running IOS 9.x then you can create a wifi hot spot and connect your laptop to your iPhone and get a internet connection through that hot spot.


I’m going to first try planning a mission at home for our field 10 miles away and then save, and reload once I get to the field. I’ll see how that goes first.

After that I may try the hotspot with my iPhone. However, does the pixhawk have a ‘built-in wifi’ or do I need to buy something to plug into the pixhawk. If I need to buy something, what would you recommend and where would I get it.


Pixhawk does not have wifi or blutooth as far as I know and I’m pretty sure about that. 99.9%

You can connect your laptop to your pixhawk via a USB / Micro USB cable.

Or if you have a 3DR or RFD Telemetry radio set-up you can connect over the air.



I use one of the standard radio modules, one on the model and the other connected to my phone, as my phone does not support anything connected to its USB port I have connected a Bluetooth module to the radio module and power that by a single cell Lipo then connect the phone to it via Bluetooth

It does seem to work ok

Thanks. I may give that a try.

If you want to use Pixhawk with MAV Pilot you will need the ESP8266 Wifi module or similar to connect it.
see http://www.communistech.com/forums/forum/tech-support/ for specify MAV Pilot support