Pixhawk Mini QGrounControl Parameters Missing From FW (PID Tuning)

Dear Forum,

I will begin by telling you I have a pixhawk mini that I am setting up on a 250mm quadcopter. I use a HolyBro GPS, the Pixhawk Mini PDB, and DSMX receiver. I have never been able to get the Pixhawk mini to work in Mission Planner, never, not on a beta firmware, not on the master firmware, not on the regular firmware. In QGroundControl I am able to install both the normal and beta releases of the PX firmware, arducopter just throws errors when I try and install. I have gotten the device setup and it does fly, however, the P values are WAY to high and the craft oscillates dangerously when flying. I tried to change the parameters in the tuning section of QGroundControl, but receive the following error:

Parameters missing from firmware, -1:MPC_Z_FF, -1:MPC_XY_FF,-1:MPC_Z_FF,-1:MPC_Z_FF, -1:MPC_Z_FF ,-1:MPC_Z_FF, -1:MPC_XY_FF,-1:MPC_XY_FF,-1:MPC_Z_FF, -1:MPC_XY_FF,-1:MPC_XY_FF. You may be running a version of firmware QGC does not work correctly with or your firmware has a bug in it.

I get this regardless of how many times I reprogram the board and regardless of whether or not i’m on the beta, stable, or master firmware. My question is this, if I can use QGroundControl to modify the pid values thats great. But if I can’t do that, can someone recommend a way I can manually modify the values?