Pixhawk mini power distribution board

I have two questions.

On 3dr’s site it says the “power distribution board” can handle a 4s battery. If I just run the pixhawk and a receiver will it handle more or is it still 4s? I am not concerned with reading current draw and I would like to just bypass it for the esc.

Also can I use it to power a raspberry pi?

Don’t connect anything higher than 4S to it. When I got a 3dr pixhawk mini for tests from them, they have assured me the power distribution board they ship with the units is 10S capable, and that the quick start guide was not updated on this, I have tried connecting a 6S pack to the distro-board of theirs and it got instantly burnt. 3dr service went extinct from the moment I have replied back to them with the situation overview.

3dr said that or a distributer said that?

3dr, was dealing with them directly.

I do know there is a dual pdb that can handle 10s but doesn’t come with the mini pixhawk kit.

I guess it looks like I’ll just buy a nice 5v ubac for a universal power supply.