Pixhawk Mini and Plane 3.8 beta issues

Are there any known issues with the 3dr Pixhawk Mini and APM Plane 3.8 beta? Am I safe assuming camera trigger and feedback should work as normal on a flying wing?

I’ve encountered issues with Pixhawk Mini and APM Plane 3.7 . TX inputs were absent. And a lot of other abnormal things, such as sensors unable to initialize. If I am not mistaken, they state Pixhawk Mini is only optimized for PX4 stack.

I believe the devs have stated that full support is on APM plane 3.8 beta not 3.7.1. Randy has said this on github a couple times, have you tried flashing the APM plane 3.8 beta?

Nope, gave up on Mini, got a V1 Pixhawk instead for that project. Installed the mini to a Y6 hexa flashed with px4 firmware.

No known issues that I’m aware.

They should, yes.