Pixhawk Mini 4: Looking for solution for redundant power supply

I have already searched the forum, but have not found any post which gives me an answer to my problem. Therefore I ask my question here.

I use four Pixhawk Mini4 in my scale helicopters.
Here I supply the servo rail separately from the FC. I therefore already use two power sources. One supplies the servo rail (e.g. with 7.2 volts for HV servos) and the other supplies a Holypro Power Board, which supplies 5 volts for the actual power supply of the FC.

However, this is not safe enough for me. I am looking for a solution to supply the FC twice, redundantly with 5 volts.

Basically, you can supply the Mini4 with 5 volts via the normal power board connector and via the USB connector.

According to Holypro, the Mini4 would switch between these two power supplies, depending on which input has the higher voltage.

But what happens if one of the two power supplies breaks? Does the current then flow from the one that continues to function via the defective power supplier, thus leading to a complete power failure?

Does anyone of you already have a solution for the double power supply of the Pix Mini4?

I am grateful for all ideas and suggestions.



You can use one of these.

You apply power to each rail. IF one power supply dies the other takes over.
Then the only fault that would be a concern is if there is a break in the line between the multiplexer and the FC…but that’s not very likely.
I use something similar on a few of my drones. In the event of one bec failing I am still good to go. I have had a few losses due to that in the past so redundancy is key.

@rickyg32 hello Ricky, thank you.