Pixhawk Mini 3DR

I have been flying my fixed wing with Pixhawk Mini using QGC, but the mission mode is hit and miss. So I decided to flash it with Arduplane FW, and now I am using Mission Planner.


  1. In the “Servo Output” no response from the throttle can be seen in the update bar; however, I can see it moving in the “Radio Calibration” screen. I have done calibration multiple times with same results.
  2. In the Servo-Output screen if I check mark reverse box motor starts to spin full speed.
  3. Arming, does not require holding the rudder stick to the right for few seconds after safety switch is engaged?

Channel 1 and 2 are setup as elevons.
Channel 3 is servo.
Channel 4 Rudder (But the plane has no rudder)
Channel 8 flight modes.

In the QGC, channel 4, was throttle and I had the ESC wire hooked into pin-out #4.

Appreciate some help.