Pixhawk Logs Broken?

Hello, Folks.

So I just finished one of my first successful flights with my fixed wing today. The Pixhawk performed brilliantly. Fought hard in the heavy, gusty wind and largely kept the plane on course. Had to do a terrifying landing but all in all I was pleased with all the help from the FBWA. I wanted to go about tuning the parameters to better track the way-points - to make it more aggressive, if you will, so I wanted to have a look through the data flash logs and see how the sensors et al are managing but I have found something very odd…

I have Mission Planner 1.3.15.
The firmware I’m running is the latest stable release (as of December 1, 2014) ArduPlane V3.2.0, I believe.
I can connect perfectly fine via USB and can go over all my parameters and write way-points.
When I try to “Download DataFlash Logs via Mavlink” I get an error along the lines of cannot find logs.
So off to the terminal I go, still with the USB connection, no radios.

This is where things get funny. I select the correct COM port, the correct baud rate and choose “PX4/PIXHAWK” but when I connect I get this:

This gibberish prints out continuously forever.

When trying to download the logs by hitting the button in ther terminal window I am greeted by this:

This also seems to go on forever and eventually Mission Planner crashes.

I have tried re-uploading firmware from scratch but that didn’t work. Can anyone shed some light on this? Is it a bug with the current firmware/software update? Is there something wrong?

I should mention that I saw this a few days ago and when I re-flashed the latest firmware it went away, two days later the same problem is back.

arduplane3.2 disable CLI by default in build.
flash log–mavlink DDOWNLOADlog

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/downlo … ia_MAVLink

Thanks for the reply. I had a read through the link you posted. It didn’t help much unfortunately.

Nothing indicated on that page works for me at all.

I cannot retrieve the data flash logs by any means. In addition, my understanding is that the CLI was specifically disabled for the APM board. I am using the Pixhawk.