PixHawk level corrupted during flight

Hi All!

I have just changed from APM to PixHAwk on a Skywalker 1900 (like the Aero), using the same electronics as Aero. Had no trouble setting it, and had a couple of successful missions.

During the last couple of flights some weird stuff occured though.

After a succesful mission (auto takeoff, misson, landing in stab) , after the second one at the end of the mission when i changed to stab the plane was banking, althoug the HUD was ok. After landing and checking, the Level was off. At the take off it was ok, I have tested it manually and in stab also.

Next day first mission ok. Turning on again, the gyro is already off, did a calibration, reboot. Gyro is ok plane level is ok. Mission went ok with take off and than switching to stab. Ok for a while and than again banks to the right had a small stall at teh end from 2 meters, nothing serious. Rebooting checking Level and again is off, not just a little.

Setup is PixHawk, APM Plane 3.3, Skywalker 1900, External GPS and Compass, 3DR PM, 433 Telemetry, 6000mAh 4cell battery. CG is ok.

Skip_Gyro_Cal is enabled, anyway it should not cause a truble in flight i bet.

I will be able to download logs later and upload it when i get back from the office.

THanks for any help.


Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Dear TCIII, Dear All,

Since I had trouble uploading large files i shared it through my google drive: drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Kb6q … sp=sharing

The last one and the second had this issue for sure.

Thanks for any help.