Pixhawk large value ch_6, ch_7opt

Hi, I’m running pixhawk with sbus x8r (also ezuhf)
I’m trying to setup my ch 6, ch7/8 options. Every time I go to do this in MP 1.3.0, it gives me a warning pop up “large value” TUNE has more than doubled last imput. Are you sure?
Also, when I go to full param list, I get “raw param warming” all values on this screen are not min/max checked.
Funny thing is when I connect with MP 2.0 this dosent happen.
I didn’t have problems with this before I went to sbus, I was using the 3dr pwm converter and ch6 opt worked great.
Anyone know what’s going on?

Have a look at all the replies on page 3 in the Subject ‘Setting up Trex450’ in Traditional Helicopters, under APM:copter forum.
It looks like the same error, the firmware has been updated more for the Quads than Trad Heli’s. I am getting the same comments in the Param


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I forgot to mention, im running this on a quad. after reading the post “setting up a trex 450” form what i gather, they are talking about the upper and lower param limits for ch 6, right? thats not my issue. the issue is in both c h6, and ch7 and ch8 options i get the error/warning popup before I update params. so im not able to do auto tune, or any of the other choices for ch7 or 8. same for ch6.