Pixhawk keeps shutting down

Hello, I am doing my first quadcopter build, and am completely new to rc in general. I need some help figuring out why my pixhawk keeps resetting.

Basically I am testing it with the props off, and everything seems to be working, and then it just beeps twice and all the motors stop. When this happens the safety switch is still solid red, and I can just rearm with the transmitter and it starts right up again. It seems to happen more often when I have the 3dr radio attached, but also happens with it disconnected. Needless to say, I have to figure out why this happens before i start flying.

My setup:
Cinetank Mk1 quad
pixhawk with 3dr gps/compass
frsky taranis and x8r receiver
afro 30a escs
lumenier(T motor) 2216 1100kv motors

Power is from a 4s 3300 battery into the 3dr power module into the pixhawk. I soldered the 3dr power module in between the battery and the power distribution coin for the cinetank. So I believe I have everything setup as recommended.

I have no backup power from the esc’s plugged in right now, just the signal and ground. I initially had the +, - and signal from each esc plugged into the pixhawk but removed the + connections to see if that made a difference - which it did not.

I have log files but don’t know enough yet to make much use of them. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem would be highly appreciated!

Your Pixhawk is not shutting down or resetting. It’s just disarming. You probably let it sit too long without doing anything. Or alternatively, the crash detection came on if you powered it up but the sensors didn’t notice any moving…

Thanks Stefan,

I didn’t know about the crash detection. If that were the case wouldn’t there be an error entry in the logs?
err 12
12: Crash Check
ECode 1: Crash detected

Also I put the quad into acro mode where I believe the crash detection is disabled and after running it for a minute it disarmed again.

In the log there is no Error message just the last entry is

Do you know if there is a way to tell exactly what is causing it to disarm? Or a way to disable any automatic disarming function? It is highly repeatable and I really don’t want to make my first flight without having some confidence as to why it is constantly disarming on my table.

Ok I tested it with cardboard on the props (I’ve been told its not good to run motors without some load on them), and with the throttle slightly up it doesn’t disarm. Someone at 3DR also verified its normal for it to disarm itself if it knows its on the ground and not moving. It also doesn’t sound like there’s an easy “hey pixhawk - you are on the workbench” setting to disable this feature.

So I am now confident it was just disarming because of inactivity. Thanks for your reply Stefan - I was just about to take it completely apart to check all the wiring, now i’ll just tune it and fly!