Pixhawk Issues

Hi all,

I am having a problem with my Pixhawk intermittently running missions with WP’s just fine, then the next flying day, running the same mission it will climb to it’s takeoff altitude and do nothing,. Also my RTL is not working fully either. Both problems seemed to start at the same time. When I activate the RTL it comes back to it’s takeoff location and just hovers, it doesn’t land like it use to. Running firmware 3.1.5, all RTL parameters seem to be correct. My Pixhawk is about a year old.

Thx Rob :question:

Mine’s been doing the same thing! It climbs and then just stays there. I read the wp’s back on the computer and sorted through the data flash and nothing.

Whatever you do, do NOT post logs and mission plan as forum guidelines suggest, somebody may actually be able to see what’s going on and then these two posts would not be completely pointless waste of time anymore.

Haha, I did on another post. I’ll post the log from the data flash on the tuning forum as this won’t take anything larger than 5mb.

I’m thinking the Pixhawk unit is going bad. I have purged and reloaded the program for the Pixhawk unit itself…still has the same problems. One day it will work…the next it won’t with the same WP flight program. Also, everything works in stabilized mode except when I activate RTL, it won’t land. Do you know if 3dr robotics repairs these units? Thx Robert