Pixhawk insane compass offsets why?

Rob or anybody who knows

I’m having an issue with my pixhawk internal compass. Look at these offsets that’s crazy. I have reinstalled the firmware… moved things around on the quad. It was under 400 on the X and Y only maybe 750 on the Z. Now it does this even after recalibrating many times. If I connect an external it does not appear to be using it because I can spin the mag separate from the controller and it doesn’t move at all. I did have a crash not long ago [ prop broke in mid flight! ] perhaps it damaged the board? I’m at a loss. Thx

What version of APM Planner are you using? Have you tried Reset To Defaults in Full Param View and start setup from there. That will format the internal memory

Hi Bill
2.0.16 rc1
I’ll give that a try

That worked Bill!!! Not sure why but I’ll take it. Thanks!!!