Pixhawk in a Mission in RTL Mode looses control

Good day

Hope somebody can help shed some light on this issue.

We were in a Auto mission with a RTL as final waypoint flying around a broadcast mast in high RF conditions.

I can see on the logs that the Transmitter did go into failsafe already early in all 4 the flights we did.

However, on the last flight, upon return to launch, the copter was busy descending for landing but all of a sudden drifted into a direction at quite a high speed.

I switched to Stabilize mode and then to loiter, bringing the copter to the landing point in loiter mode. RTL was then at very close range again activated. I then switched to Stabilize mode again and safely landed the copter.

Can anyone with more log analyzing experience please look at the logs and give an opinion on possible causes for the reaction in Auto Mode?

Thanking you in advance.


Wessel (Tortel)

All your radio channels dropped to 0 and the failure wasn’t detected. Your log is flooded with RC errors. Fortunately, it came back. It would’ve certainly recovered and landed as long as it didn’t happen again.

This is largely why I’ve pushed for no manual control in auto modes.

Hi jschall

Thank you for your feedback!

We did screen off the whole pixhawk controller compartment and GPS with copper tape.

Made a huge difference!



The real issue here is I’m pretty sure your radio failsafe wasn’t working. So you should make sure you get that going :slight_smile:

Will check it! Thanks!!