Pixhawk I2C communication

Hi everyone. I have an issue on my pressure sensor communication to pixhawk. I tried everything but I couldn’t activate it. My pressure sensor is working in arduino uno. However I should communicate between pixhawk i2c and jetson but first I must read data from pixhawk i2c. Can someone help me for this issue? :confused:


What model of pressure sensor do you have ?

Please refer to wiki for supported models:

i got MS5837-30BA.

Oh… ArduSub is an interesting option I never tried.
It is in the BaroMeter library , and looking at code it is a subset of 5611

ArduSUB WIKI says, that this driver is installed by default. Just make sure it is powered correctly and that it is connected to the right I2C interface.

Interface to Companion Computer is done through MavLink , and you read the pressure message Barometer (external) — Copter documentation