Pixhawk HV setup connections

This is my very first time posting here…

Just bought my new pixhawk 2.4.8 kit include e everything from ebay…

I have trex600 esp with FBL head and stretched 700 tail
It’s TT drive.

For now I am using the stock 610 align servos…
With futaba tail servo…
The gears are

112t slant main gear with 14t pinion run by 440 kv motor mx800
Will use 6s 5000mah 65c to power the motor and 2s 3000 MAH to power the servos

I have two speed controles I can use
1- 120A phoenix edge with internal bec
2-160 A no BEC but I can use the CC 20A BEC

Will also fly with low rpm around 1100

But, I have no clue how to wire the pixhawk to teverything here

I think I can power the module with the 2s 8V then the 6pin cables plug into the Pixhawk ( power)
But what about the other end of the power module where to connect??

Then the servos connect to the AUX out 1 eli, 2 ele, 3 pitch, 4 rudder
Using futaba R7008sb connecting SBus to the pixhawk all the way to the other end of rail

Now I need to power the servos ; how ?
Need to know where to connect the BEC and the esc ?
I am using 14sg radio

Please if somebody have any drawing of the connections will help me a lot
I appreciate your help…