Pixhawk, Gazebo, Ardupilot and QGroundControl

Hello everybody,

We are trying to make a rover, which will avoid the obstacles and go to the commanded point (GPS data). Before testing with the real rover (which is not ready yet), we want to use some simulations, and hardware in the loop data. I have been searching all over the Internet, there are many useful documents for any keyword I write, but I lack a (high level) planning: In what order, should I learn them?

Should I learn Gazebo (with ROS) first, then learn how to simulate Ardupilot in Gazebo, and finally to use QGroundControl with Gazebo (hardware in the loop)?

I am really lost in this abundant world of information. Any little insight is appreciated.

Thank you…

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Firstly thanks
I have the same problems as I am trying to access such information.