Pixhawk + FS IA6b Connection error

My Pixhawk doesn’t see the radio receiver. FS ia6b I made the settings on the remote. I connected the signal from the PPM output to the pixhawk. But the pixhawk calibration screen gives an error that no signal channel was found.4.1.1 and 4.2 I tried versions. The problem persists. Can you help?

I have exactly the same problem. I can’t get the FS-A8B receiver to work at all with a PixRacer. I’m thinking it’s something to do with the receiver. (is iA6B similar to A8B?)
I tried with an FS-X6B using PPM and it works fine.

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Absolutely the same problem. As far as I can see from the connections made with the receiver on the internet, there seems to be no problem with the current version of the control software.The videos were shot two years ago. Update my FS i6 controller. I will check the issue again.

I don’t understand this. Why does the receiver that works with apm 2.8 not work with pixhawk? We call the Pixhawk a more advanced card, but so far I have never seen anything more advanced.

Does anyone know the solution for this error?